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Ladies' Tour

Salon MS Geestemuende
Container Terminal Bremerhaven


We are going to take you on a little cruise on the Weser estuary onboard the MS Geestemuende, a small passenger vessel built 1975 in Husum and completely overhauled in 2010. Its proudest feature is the beautiful salon

We will travel downriver to cruise by Bremerhaven’s container port, a seemingly endless quay, almost 5 km long after the completion of its latest expansion stage in 2010 when it earned an entry in the Guiness Book of Records as the world’s longest coherent container terminal. Afterwards we will find the former main shipping channel of the river called “Wurster Arm”. It was used from the twenties of the 19th century until 1928. Today it is a site for burials at sea. With a little luck, we will get the chance to watch seals bathing in the sun on one of the sandbanks along our way.

Our return is scheduled for 12:30 h and we will have lunch together onshore. At 13:30 h we will be taken to the sports grounds to watch the finals.